Best Kilimanjaro Tour Operator vs. Right Kilimanjaro Tour Operator

Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest freestanding mountain on earth and the highest peak of Africa offers you the best of what Tanzania has to give you. Magnificent panoramic view, great high altitude level, highest success rate, more than 5 different routes to climb, experience one in seven summits of the world, abundant wild and birdlife. Plan your next trek to Mount Kilimanjaro and experience all of the above-mentioned activities with the best Kilimanjaro tour operator.

We have made a research to determine which type of tour operator is right for a successful summit.

Low-end operator:

The low-end operator will give you the best low price compared to all other operators. These operators will cut costs on every possible edge of the tour. These operators pay relatively low wages to guides and porters; this may lead to less support to travelers from guides and porters. Most of the time you are not informed regarding the inclusions and exclusions, but later you are being charged extra for all the exclusions which you thought were included!

Your tour will be arranged in a group and you may not be able to get quality provisions and alone time to enjoy nature.

There are certain costs that are involved in climbing Kilimanjaro and if you are not paying the cost, it is coming from someone else’s pocket.

The low-end operators are mostly not licensed, they have low-quality equipment, you may not be able to get an experienced guide, the food provided may be average or below.

However, they welcome last minute bookings but the departure is not guaranteed.  

Mid-Range Operators:

The majority of best Kilimanjaro tour operator offers Mid-Range tours and the operations of the company differ according to their standards. The tour package is generic and affordable by most of the majority of the customers. The Mid-range operators serve a huge amount of tourists in Kilimanjaro and they offer quality service with consistency.

They provide you with good equipment, hygienic food, and professionally trained guides. The prices of the packages mostly do not remain constant and differ according to the offers provided by the best Kilimanjaro tour operators.

The overseas agents always choose the Mid-range operators as their outsource agents because they offer a great and acceptable service.

The Tour operators are licensed; the prices depend according to the company, High-grade equipment is provided. You will be guided by an experienced guide, the crew is paid the minimum, you will get the excellent food. Most of the departure does not join groups, Very few last-minute bookings are accepted, departure is guaranteed. Extras offered on request.

The quality of the service you would receive largely depends on the company’s values and operational principles.

High Range Operators:

best tour operators

High Range operators offer an overall package of high standards and they include high-quality equipment, good service and professional guides with a price that could be a bit more than affordable price yet affordable.

The High range operators are legally licensed; the prices of the tours depend on the companies, their crew is paid minimum or above so that the travelers get the best service compared to other tour operators.

The food provided in the camps is excellent with full of vitamins and proteins.

The high rage tours are mostly private and do not join the groups and they do not offer any last-minute bookings. The departure is guaranteed and will not have to wait for any other pax to join.

They always carry extra Oxygen tanks and portable toilets. 

All the high-end tour operators hire guides who are certified by the Kilimanjaro National Park authority and they are qualified to take you up Mount Kilimanjaro.

The high-end operators may go the extra mile to serve you the best way possible. Hence, they charge a high price.   

Luxury Operators:

The luxury operators are the special ones on the Kilimanjaro who can serve you in the best way you expect. Some of the operators would hire a mountaineer from the US or UK to lead the travelers climbing Kilimanjaro. Luxury means, it is the expensive one and maybe affordable by a few percents of people. It costs twice or sometimes thrice the price of standard Kilimanjaro climbing costs.

Some of the companies provide you with the hyperbaric chamber on request which is valuable on top of altitude level. This will increase the trekker’s safety.

The Luxurious operators always strive to provide the customer with added comfort and satisfy their unique wants or needs.

The operators are legally licensed; the prices are high, they provide you with top-class equipment. They have highly experienced and professional guides, their crew is paid minimum or above. food is excellent with protein and vitamins. They do not take last minute booking. However, most companies need minimum pax for departure.

The extras available are; Oxygen tanks, Portable toilets, Pulse oximeter, Satellite phone, Sleeping cot, hyperbaric chamber.  

How to determine which is best for you?

How to determine which is best

Determining the best Kilimanjaro tour operator would be easy but choosing the right Kilimanjaro would not be that easy.

You cannot just rely on the price here, you will need to check the service, an activity offered, the quality of food and camping equipment. You will need to be sure that the price you pay for the tour is going to the right pockets. Double-check the inclusions and exclusions. You can also contact the tour operator and reconfirm the same.

You will not be able to get direct answers. However, you can make your own research by contacting the company directly and asking questions, reading the reviews provided by previous travelers.

Popote Africa is one of the best Kilimanjaro Tour Operator for Kilimanjaro climbs and has the reputation of best mid and high range operator who is specialized in offering quality service at an affordable price.

Our operations are always excellent as team Popote Africa gives it’s best to satisfy all the needs and requirements of the clients. Our mission is to provide the top-notch quality adventure experience to every single client. Ensuring we leave a positive mark on the local community.  

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