Coronavirus in Tanzania: Postpone your travel to save Tourism

Coronavirus is a vast family group of viruses that causes ill health which ranges from the common cold to the deadly disorder of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome [MERS-Cov19] and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome [SARS-Cov19].

COVID-19, generally called as Coronavirus is new contamination infected in December 2019 in Wuhan China and now spread over 160 countries. More than 30 countries in Africa have reported new cases that take the count to 100+ with a new case of Coronavirus in Tanzania.

Corona virus

Where does Coronavirus come from?

Coronaviruses are zoonotic, which means the viruses are transmitted from both animals and humans. It spreads between people who are in close contact with one another. It will also transmit through any surface which has a virus that you touched and touching your mouth, nose or eyes from the same hand.

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?

The main symptom is a mild respiratory illness with another symptom of Cold, Fever, Cough, and Shortness of breath, Muscle ache, Headache, Sore throat, and Diarrhea.

Coronavirus in Tanzania:

Coronavirus in Tanzania

Tanzania now confirms its first Coronavirus case. The infected had a travel history to Belgium. However, she is recovering in a hospital in Arusha. It is an imported case and now she continues with treatment and looks good now.

We have booked tickets. Is rescheduling an option or should we cancel it?

Yes, rescheduling is the best option. We would really suggest you postpone or reschedule the travel rather than canceling it. The best part is, you can reschedule the booking without any additional fees. Also, Popote Africa has announced exciting offers for travelers who are rescheduling the travel.

Coronavirus in Tanzania is an imported case which was infected a person with travel history to a foreign country and the country is taking Health Precautions of all possible ways to stop it reaching the 2nd level.

Considering the safety precautions, it has prompted Air travel restrictions into the continent and we are not aware of when it will be reopened.

Travelers who have already booked for Tanzania Safari and Climbing Kilimanjaro; do not worry due to the Coronavirus in Tanzania. You can always reschedule your booking according to your flexibility without any additional charges. The staff in Kilimanjaro routes are also screening all the travelers and making sure nothing serious would contaminate Tanzania.

As we are aware that due to COVID-19, the tourism industry is facing its worst nightmare. This will lead to a crisis in every field including wildlife and natural conversations in Tanzania. We don't want to let it happened and you can help us to save the tourism industry which is the primary mode for conserving nature and wildlife. Let us together save it for our future generation, you being the inspiration. This will be a win-win situation for both of us!  So, instead of cancelling any trip, you can just reschedule and travel later according to your flexibility. We are doing our best by providing offers and discount. Now it’s your turn to protect nature and wildlife, who awaits your arrival year around.

Business loss due to coronavirus

Tanzania's president John Magufali quoted, “to avoid unnecessary personal contact and also said that, the COVID-19 may hurt the global tourism industry badly, especially Tanzania which has contributed 17% of GDP through tourism. The country may suffer because of the rapid increase in cancellation in travel due to Coronavirus”. (Reports WHO)

But, Tanzania keeping its place in a safer side with continuous health checks and would be ready until the tourism season which kicks starts by June.

We will update you when the flights and other modes of transportation will be opened. We recommended you not cancel the booking, as you have an option to reschedule the booking for a later date without any additional fee. This will help to save the tourism industry.

According to the refund policy:

We abide to refund the amount which is paid by you but as the result of novel Coronavirus, we are receiving hundreds of cancellation requests. Hence, we have paid for all your activities (TANAPA Fees, Gear fees, vehicle fees, etc.), it will be a difficult situation to refund all the 100's of cancellation requests. This will lead to a complete loss and may further lead to the closure of the tourism industry.

So, we are requesting every single traveler who have booked with Popote Africa; please do not cancel your bookings rather reschedule it for a further date within your flexibility. This helps us to provide you the best of what we have in the later date and also You can be a HERO for saving tourism.

Note: According to the reports the patient who was suffering from Coronavirus in Tanzania is recovering now and will be getting back home soon. The health authorities also have taken strict measures to control the spread of novel disease.

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