Lemosho route 8 days vs. Lemosho route 7 days vs. Lemosho route 9 days

Lemosho route is one of the most preferred routes compared to other routes and it starts through a lush forest and continues towards Shira plateau. Most of the tour operators recommend a minimum of 7 days attempt to this route but 8 or 9 days attempt would be preferred for higher acclimatization and a successful summit.

Lemosho route

When we compare the days taken to reach the summit, we would highly recommend 9 days route via Lemosho as more the number of days taken, higher you get the acclimatization to altitude and higher are the rate of success to reach the summit. If you go for 7 days your success rate would decrease by 20% that is, the 9 days trek would give you a 90% success rate but 7 days trek would you only 70% success rate. Every subtracted day decreases your success rate. 

As acclimatization is the main thing to be considered to reach the summit, you will need to give yourself more time to acclimatize and have a successful summit. Taking an extra would be safer too!

Here is the comparison table for Lemosho route 8 days vs. Lemosho route 7 days vs. Lemosho route 9 days:

9 Days Lemosho Route 8 Days Lemosho Route 7 days Lemosho Route
  Higher success rate of >90%   Moderate success rate of <90% and >70%   Lesser success rate of <70%
  Time for greater acclimatization   Acclimatization is possible but maybe tiresome   No time for proper acclimatization
  Healthy and Fit   Health condition is good but may have some symptoms   Altitude sickness
  More camps to visit   Comparatively less camps to visit   Lesser camps to visit
  Shorter elevations   Moderate elevations   Higher elevations
  Lesser crowd   Moderate crowd   Comparatively Higher crowd
  More animals are birds are seen.   A good number of animals and birds are seen.   Lesser animals are birds are seen.

Why choose the Lemosho route over other routes?

Lemosho route offers you a beautiful panoramic view from the mountains and is one of the best ecological zones with narrow wilderness trail right from the beginning and has good chances of watching wildlife. Lemosho route 8 days tour is designed in a way to improve acclimatization for the climber with longer distances, so you will get more time on the mountain and shorter elevations. Greater the acclimatization to the altitude greater is the success rate to reach the summit. The walks on Lent hills will give you an excellent acclimatization opportunity. Sometimes the trek can be extended with an extra night at Moir Huts for acclimatization.

This is one of the routes offering a 90% success rate compared to the other routes and most of the time the route is very less crowded and safe to trek with family.

Most of them prefer for more acclimatization because as you reach the highest altitude the changes in the climatic condition would make you altitude sickness and you may not be able to continue the trek further. If you get time for more acclimatization, you will stay healthy and fit.

Best Camps

The Journey Of Lemsoho Route

You will stop in fantastic campsites on the ways and this will help you to acclimatize and stay safe for further camps. The first camp which you find is Mti Mkubwa camp and you will be provided lunch before starting a trek to Mt Mkubwa. You will be able to spot buffalo and elephant on these Kilimanjaro routes, an armed guide will accompany you if any Big5 comes near you. Once you reach the campsite dinner will be served.

The next campsite is Shira Camp 1 and you will go through the rainforest to reach the Shira Camp 1. It is on the western edge of the Shira plateau. You will experience strong winds and temperature below zero in the early hours and you will finish the day with high altitude. 

The next campsite is Barranco Camp and you will trek through the dessert-like landscape as you approach the lava tower. Next is the Karanga Camp, be ready to use all of your limbs to reach the top of Karanga valley.

Lemosho route 7 days trekkers will stop here for a brief lunch before reaching the landscape continuing to Barafu Camp. Next campsite is Barafu camp and an easy trek to relax and prepare for the summit.

Next is the trek to Uhuru peak and then the Mweka Camp. Your trek will start at midnight with a tea and snacks through the slopes of Kibo. From here the trek gets difficult and most of them stop at Stella point and descend. However, many make it to the summit.

Lemosho route

However, we have given you a brief idea regarding the Lemosho route, number of days and possible things to do within the trek during these. Hope this will help you to choose how many days of trek you would like to go with and enjoy the successful summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. 

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