Tanzania Safari for seniors Choose the right Operator

Just because you have reached a certain age, it doesn’t mean that you will be limited to boring activities. Tanzania safari tours for seniors are not boring anymore, we have made it more fun and exciting with apt adventurous and activities for your ‘golden age’.

With a guided safari, you will have a privilege to be assisted in observing animals you choose to look at. Being in the bushes of Tanzania’s National Parks is the best place to rest and relax.

The physical strength that is required is to enjoy the scenery, listen to the chirp of birds, look out a passing animal while reading a book and sipping an espresso.

All the senior safaris are designed to meet the individual requirements and all your needs will be accommodated.

Here are a few things which you should know to choose the right Safari:

Choose an experienced guide:

Experienced Guide

While travelling to a country like Tanzania, which is mostly covered with National Parks with its main activity as Safari Drives, any of the newcomers will need a guide to take care of the things.

This doesn’t mean that you will hire a cheap guide and regret later instead you will need to look for an experienced guide who knows each and everything in that country including the wildlife, Birdlife, Flora, Fauna and many more which makes your tour experience wonderful.

Most of the tour operators have their own experienced guides whom they allow with their visitors. However, it is your responsibility to choose a guide who can also take care of senior citizens as they require more concern compared to young tourists. Tanzania Safari for seniors is not every tour operator's regular thing so you must choose the right one.

So, choose an experienced guide and enjoy the safari tour exploring Tanzania!

Customize your tour for seniors:

It is important to choose a tailor-made tour for seniors or customize a tour that is particularly suitable for elderly visitors. Mainly focus on those National Parks which are easily accessible and wildlife viewing is not that difficult. Do not prefer walking safari as it would be more stressful.

The best Safari which you can choose is; Birding Safari, visit Kitulo National park for Flora and other less tiring safaris. The packages should be customized according to your priorities.

Choose a tour operator who provides proper precaution:

Precaution is better than cure, you should be aware of what your tour operator is providing in the package. Your tour operator should curate the various components of a trip like; activities, accommodations, Meals, Safaris into one package. The operator should be able to understand your priorities and act according to that.

Create a shortlist of tour operators and begin with your process of selecting one operator who provides proper precautions like;

  • An Armed ranger always accompanies you.
  • Experienced and professional guide.
  • Proper Safari Vehicle with backups.
  • Campsites and lodges with safety and many more.

Define the budget and check the review:

Read the Reviews

Make sure you plan according to your budget without compromising on quality to make it a successful tour.

Balance your budget with your travel wish list, the main way you can cut cost is by traveling with other seniors in a group which makes you travel with like-minded people and also within budget.

All the tour costs are set before departure, so you can be free from park fees, petrol, exchange rates, and other necessities.

Health and safety of Senior travellers:

It is better to get some inside advice on the places that you will be visiting. Be prepared for the places accordingly as all the operators have the information to answer your questions and help you throughout.

Make sure you have enough medications and access to important prescriptions that are really in need.

Never be ashamed to communicate any major conditions after all its Tanzania Safari for seniors, so that anyone who is nearby is prepared. Being straight forward about your health right from the beginning makes you complete the tour with ease.

Travel Insurance for seniors:

Your entire budget of Tanzania should also include comprehensive travel insurance. This also includes your personal and medical cover for the duration of your Safari in Tanzania.

The travel insurance covers unexpected injuries, in case if you are sick along the way, unforeseen travel expenses and others.

“Bonus point: Go for their Trip advisor reviews they are always right “

So, what are you waiting for? Our hassle-free and budget-friendly senior Safari is open. Make the best use of it at your ‘Golden Age’.

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