Popote Africa Website Cookies and Usage Policy

The Cookies

When you interact with our website, we are using the technology called “cookies”. These are small files stored locally on your computer, tablet, smartphone or other device. These files help us to identify you next time you access our website and provide you with a more customized and comfortable experience.

Cookies are stored by your web browser and are separate for each device. For example, if you accessed our website from your laptop and then from a smartphone, the cookies held by the two will be different.

Cookies set by our website are known as first-party cookies. Those set by our partner websites are referred to as third-party cookies. It is the owner of the cookies only, who can see the information that it collects.

By checking the “settings” section of your browser you may do either of the following:

  • Accept all cookies;
  • Reject third-party cookies;
  • Reject all cookies.

Please remember that if you opt to have the cookies disabled certain functionality of our website will be disabled.

Types of cookies used by Popote Africa

Our trusted third-party vendors are using the cookies collected in helping us to analyze how effective our marketing is and to offer you more tailored and relevant ads. Thus, when you access our website Google Analytics (a solution provided by Google Inc company) will store cookies on your computer, and send the information about the history of your interactions with our website to Google.

Google will then use this information to prepare automated reports for us, so that we can see how useful and engaging our website was for you and for other users. Please be assured that neither Google, nor any other company collect any personal information of yours. The data collected with help of cookies is never used to link the cookies collected with any personal information we have.

If you want you may use a special browser add-on, which will stop Google Analytics from collecting information about your browsing history.

Disabling cookies

You may disable the collection of cookies altogether by configuring your web browser settings accordingly. There you can set what types of cookies you want to be collected, or block all of them. You may also clear all cookies that have been collected before.

If you opt to have the cookies disabled, some functionality on our website may become unavailable.

What information is collected when you visit our website

When you access our website, we collect certain information. The type and amount of the information collected depends on the way of your interaction with our website. Such information normally include:

  • Cookies, as described above
  • IP address
  • Technical details of the device, which you used to access our website (e.g. personal computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.)
  • Your web browser (for example Opera, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
  • Operating system installed on your device (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.)
  • The time zone you are in
  • The webpage you have found us from, if you clicked on our link on one of the websites belonging to our partners
  • Pages of our website that you visited
  • Our travel products that you read about
  • The time your spent on our website

When we collect this information, your identity remains anonymous to us, but nevertheless our privacy policy shall apply to all information collected. Unless you disclosed it in one of the forms on our website, your name and other identifiable information will remain unknown to us.

The reasons we collect cookies and other information

There are several reasons why we collect cookies and other information:

Booking our tours

When you are booking one of our adventures through the website, the cookies help us to navigate you through the process, correctly opening the right pages for you. Also, these cookies are kept for our website to remember your past preferences.

Making your experience with our website better

Cookies are used to analyze how our clients use our website. It helps us to understand what our customers like about our website, and to create better content in the future. Also, the cookies help us to understand the areas of our website which the users find hard to navigate, as well as those making your experience inconvenient.

Delivering tailored content

The cookies technology makes it possible to deliver tailored content, which, in our opinion, will be interesting for you. Only relevant ads and promotions will be shown.

Ads on the other website

After you visit our website, it is likely that the Google and other ads shown to you will be about our adventure travel products. We partner with various advertising companies, who use cookies to record and use information about your browsing history, making it possible for us to show relevant and interesting ads to you.