• 1. Stellar Safety Record

    We have a 100% safety record. On average 92% of our clients successfully summit Kilimanjaro and descend down without any medical issues. If you look at Machame, Lemosho, Northern Circuit and Rongai routes, the summit success rate goes even higher to over 95%. And those unable to summit are safely brought down the mountain each and every time.

  • Expertise built over 12+ Years

    Since 2011, we have successfully guided 10,000+ climbers via different Kilimanjaro routes. We can safely say that we have a deep understanding of the mountain, the local environment, and the potential challenges that can arise during the climb.

  • Knowledgeable Support Crew

    A good support crew can make all the difference during your climb. Infact it is the most important factor in every climb. We provide a high ratio of support staff to clients, including porters, cooks, and guides. This will ensure that you have the support you need to safely reach the summit.

  • Evacuation Procedures

    We have clear evacuation procedures in place that enable us to identify medical issues and bring the clients down for check up.

  • Top notch Equipment and Supplies

    We provide only high-quality equipment and supplies, such as tents, sleeping bags, and food. They are built to withstand the harsh environs such as on Kilimanjaro irrespective of what the weather brings.

  • 100% Responsible Tourism Practices

    We are a registered tour operator (ask us for our TALA license) and a member of the Kilimanjaro National Park Authority (KINAPA). We are committed to protecting the local environment and preserving the local culture because it provides us our daily livelihood but also for our (humans & animals alike) future generations.

  • Unbeatable Value and Prices

    We are NOT a budget company because of our commitment to providing uncompromising quality and safety during our treks. But we also do not over charge at all like some European and American companies do. With us you get the very best at the fairest possible price.

  • Customer Service that we are Proud of

    We stand by our clients right from the time you contact us till the time you finish your trek with us. We offer excellent customer service, including prompt response times, clear and accurate information, and a commitment to making your climb as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

  • 100% Tanzanian Company

    We are a local Tanzania company. When you book with us you do not go through any middle agents. All the benefits go directly to the local community. Popote Africa is as grassroots as tourism can get.