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Africa abounds with incredible sights, from soaring sand dunes to savannas teeming with wildlife. Experience the continent’s many wonders with our experts on trips to Tanzania, Kenya and many more. Witness the annual wildebeest migration on safari in the Serengeti; explore the lions, elephants, giraffes, and more on a thrilling Tanzania safari.

So Looking for a bonding Family Holiday? A romantic African Honeymoon or special anniversary getaway? Do you have the budget to Fly-In or would you prefer to Self-Drive? Perhaps you’re looking for the adventure of a Walking Safari or wildlife safari? First time to Africa and need ideas? On many of our Safari expeditions, we arrange visits to Best National Parks with experienced guides and experts etc. Start Dream holiday to Africa Today!


The African Safaris below offer the finest combination of remote wilderness areas, fantastic lodgings, expert guiding and, above all, rewarding game viewing. A range of budgets and interests are catered for.


Whether you are dreaming of a first-hand meeting with the Wildlife, catching a glimpse of humanity's closest living relative, witnessing one of the planet's most spectacular natural events, or simply relaxing on a pristine beach, we can give you expert advice on Africa's unbeatable experiences.

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Africa has a unique safari for every traveller. What will your travel story be? African safari tours and adventures range from affordable to luxurious, to bucket-list vacations and once-in-a-lifetime holidays.Use our way to find the place you’ll spend your thrilling African Big 5 safari, romantic honeymoon or family vacation.


Tanzania has the most natural & pristine safari in Africa. Serengeti or the endless plans & Ngorongoro Crater.

Best Time To Visit

Mid May-Mid November

Mid December-Mid March


Kenya is the land of the Masai Mara, Mt kenya and the iconic views of elephant and giraffe walking against the backdrop of Mt Kilimanjaro.

Best Time To Visit

Mid May-Mid November

Mid December-Mid March

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Game Viewing

African Safari

Elephants walking past the camp at dawn, a crowd of zebra skipping around the waterway underneath, hyenas snicker until a resonant lion thunder echoes through the trees, this is African safari, a reminiscent drenching in the wild world, an intimate insight into a wilderness that hasn't been tamed. This immersion is complemented by intimacy you get close enough to hear the crunch of lions tearing apart a zebra carcass and the glances are shared as an elephant bull looks you up and down; a jeopardized white rhino appears to be practically close enough to touch.

It’s a journey that connects you with your wild side, an experience that can only be understood after you’ve taken the plunge and visited Africa’s wildernesses.

Choosing a safari destination for a first-time visit can be very intimidating with all the lustrous marketing jargon out there, particularly in the event that you don't know where to go. The measure of information accessible on African safaris today is mind-numbing, with brochures and sites all professing to have the best options available and the expert opinion to go with it.

There are various different aspects to travel in Africa which might be added to your first-time safari. These incorporate adventure activities, delightful beaches, and sensational landscapes - and these can be included in an African safari itinerary.

Your day on an African safari will begin with an early morning and your first scheduled game drive. If you are fortunate you will spot the Big five African animals in the early hours of the morning. After lunch, you will stay in your hotel or tented camp can take a nap, or do some reading. We have libraries with reference books about the bush and wildlife that you can use amid this time. Noon is rest time in the bush when every single living thing head for cover.

At sunset, on an African Safari day, your guide is probably going to locate a grand wildlife viewing spot where you can appreciate a sundowner in the bush. Presently you can set yourself up for the evening session of an African safari day.

It is essential to guarantee you have the paperwork set up before traveling to Africa for your safari adventure. By and large, all passports need to have various blank pages accessible while visa specifications contrast contingent upon nationality and destination. Note that visa guidelines can at times change without much warning so make sure to keep a check on them.

We suggest reaching the relevant authorities in a great time or just visit to your African Safari Expert before you go - they'll have all the answers to your questions.

It is firmly advised that you take comprehensive health insurance before your African safari and consult the World Health Organization recommendations for traveling to Africa. Malaria is a widespread risk all through Africa, in this way it is imperative to consult your doctor for vaccination and medications. There is no danger of yellow fever in Southern Africa, yet as it is infectious, a yellow fever vaccination certificate is required for entry into certain African nations.

For the most part, Africa is a safe destination for international tourist. Most safaris happen in remote untamed life territories away from towns, villages and urban cities. The transfers are done by reputable companies or the lodges themselves, which means you won’t be left unattended.

Considering that an African safari is a once-in-a-lifetime trip during which most people spare no expense, it should come as no surprise that the accommodation provided are some of the world’s most incredible. Africa offers a diverse scope of excursion encounters with matching standards of accommodation. We are tailor-made safari experts, which mean we make an itinerary around your individual tastes, preferences, and interests.

We know Africa's best hotels, safari camps, and villas since we have actually attempted and tested them. You can rely on independent, expert advice when you book a safari through us.

The best currency to expedite on your trip to Africa is the US Dollar and the European Euro. You can acquire these currencies in cash or traveler cheques. With respect to cards, Visa and Mastercard are broadly acknowledged over the mainland yet know about acquiring high transaction fees in specific nations. For significant serenity, we'd suggest acquiring a world currency card or cash passport card before you leave.

While tipping and gratuities are not obligatory on your African safari, they are constantly appreciated. Ask your African Safari Expert for details on tipping, check out our nation explicit travel advice pages or essentially ask your lodge manager or tour operator on entry.


Starches such as fufu, ugali, pap, sadza or mealie meal – a stiff maize meal similar to thick polenta, as well as rice and bread Vegetables: expect the local herbs similar to spinach, butternut squash or similar, and a spread of salads. Though fresh lettuce and cucumber can be rare at times. Again, it depends on where you are. Seafood – local fish, prawns and sometimes other shellfish Game birds such as guinea fowl and quail The fruit served at your safari lodge, even if the cut is safe to consume.


Rooibos (redbush) tea – perfect for chilly mornings Gin & tonic – quintessential bush break drink. Your ranger probably mixes a good one Witblits – a raw spirit that makers need a permit to distill. Potent, so be warned! Amarula – sweet, creamy liquor made from the Amarula fruit that elephants adorably get drunk on.


Some Of Our Client Views

Kilimanjaro climb Rongai route

Summited Kili on Anzac day 2019 with the Popote crew. Found them to be very professional (oxygen saturation tests, heart rate, and other details all logged each night after dinner) and their attention to detail was excellent.

4 weeks ago

Kilimanjaro and safari

So happy with the popote-team! We travelled with Popote during easter 2019. We sent and email and had contact with the owner, Sabino, himself. Quick response and he arranged the trip based on our wishes.

Astrid Sofie
29 April 2019

Serengeti 6 day safari

Four of us did a 6 day Serengeti trip and it was an incredible experience from start to finish. Our guide, Kent, went above and beyond by staying out for extra time to help us see more (in this case we wanted to see a lioness.

18 April 2019

Incredible 6-day Safari

We had an incredible 6-day safari trip, thanks to our amazing guide Kent. I’ve been on safari in Tsavo and Kruger previously and this was 10x better. We did 2 nights in Ndutu/Masek area (migration usually there in March, when we were there).

18 April 2019