Tips For A Successful Kilimanjaro Climb

Even if not customary, tipping is an admirable way to show satisfaction with the services that the guides and various other staff provide during your stay in Tanzania. The tips not only boost the confidence of the staffs but also allow you to give back to the communities on an individual basis.

It is recommended to always give the tip directly to the person you wish to reward for services. Also carrying a number of one dollar bills with you is helpful for the smaller tips. It is preferred to use cash for tipping mainly, Tanzanian shillings or US dollars.

There are no specific rules for tipping in Tanzania, but here listed a few guidelines which can be helpful for you to determine appropriate amounts in certain situations:

You can tip around 8 - 15 USD per person per day to tour guides at the camps and lodges for Tanzania safari, while for half day activities tip half of the tip amount.

At some camps and lodges in Tanzania, they have community tip jars for their staff, such as porters, food servers, cleaning staff and service staffs, which are shared among the staff equally at end of the day. So, here you may tip 3 - 5 USD per person per day.

It is not compulsory to tip taxi drivers in Tanzania, other than the extra change from the fare. But, if the taxi driver was very helpful, you want to provide them with a small tip, then 10% is a reasonable amount.

Porters at hotel and airport may be tipped 1 to each time you use their services

At restaurants in Tanzania, especially in major cities, it is customary to tip 10- 15% of the total bill. However, if you are satisfied with the service of the staff you can round the bill up to an even amount.

However, if the service has been bad, or if a tip is demanded and you feel you are being taken advantage of, then you don't have to tip as it one personal choice. Tipping is a reward for good service in Africa as it is everywhere else in the world so, no visitor should feel obliged to reward poor or unprofessional service.