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Zanzibar is an Island located in Indian ocean east coast of Tanzania mainland. In your visit Tanzania for Kilimanjaro climb or Safari, you should not bypass this an archipelago Islands. The Island is divided into several sub island such as Pemba and Unguja of which the major one is Unguja famously known as Zanzibar. Here you will experience a magical, pristine beaches, hidden forests with rare monkeys, enclaves favored by dolphins, and an ancient town with narrow, stone streets, steeped in history. The southeast are continuous waves, favored by surfers and dolphin watchers. The north and west sides of the Island are endless beaches with turquoise waters and coral reefs.

Visitors can experience a variety of excursions such as touring a spice plantation, walking through Jozani Forest, deep-sea fishing, meet the impressive tortoises on Prison Island – some with are over 150 years old! Swimming with Dolphin in the deep area and scuba diving. Those who are seeking deep relaxation can enjoy a massage and sundowner drinks on the beach.

Zanzibar is full of history with influence from the Arab world, Portuguese, and India traders. Visitors will see intricately carved doors and beds, as well as intense spices that flavor everything from food to coffee. If you have already experienced a life in Tanzania mainland, when you reach Zanzibar you will feel as different area because lifestyle here and you will feel more of Arab culture.

At Popote Africa Adventures Ltd, we can arrange your whole trip from mainland to Zanzibar and ensure you a fantastic well-planned trip with beautiful memories.

Zanzibar Day Trip Tours

Popote Africa adventures Ltd is committed to organize all day trip excursions and sightseeing, such as Stone town tour, Dolphin tour, prison Island tours, Jozani forest tours, safari blue tours, Mnemba atoll tour, Spice Shamba tour, Sunset dhow cruise, sandbank picnic and cultural tour.  We will recommend and arrange the required activities according to a perfect time to go for better experience. We have guides in both English, Spanish, French, Italian and German language during the Zanzibar tour. Here below are some tours that you can add as day trip tour.




  • Natural sandbanks occurring
  • Oldest baobab tree found in Zanzibar
  • Natural Mangrove Lagoon
  • Swimming in the see

Zanzibar holiday has so much to offer including Safari blues available at Fumba village. The tour will start at 9am from the Fumba Beach to Kwale Island and return to Fumba beach around 3:30 pm. It’s an experience of its nature and unique you should not miss if you are in Zanzibar. You will share a traditional Dhow from Fumba beach to Kwale Island, where you will visit magnificent natural Mangrove Lagoon which only found in Kwale Island. You will also get an opportunity to witness a natural sandbank occurring with an amazing swimming around a natural blue water.  It’s a tour that will allow you to truly relax and have time of your life. You will simply forget all about your worries and the hectic of life and immense yourself in the beautiful place that will take all your memories. The tour will be including eating a true natural sea food cooked very traditionally. If you the sea lover, then here you mind will be completely captured, and you will have an experience of lifetime.




  • Sailing Dhow
  • Snorkeling
  • Sea Food

This tour will be conducted from Nungwi village to Mnemba Island. It is a full day tour that start at 9:00 am until around 3:30 pm. Mnemba Island is very famous for the best snorkeling in Zanzibar. It has been recommended as the best activities that can be done in Zanzibar. After breakfast at your hotel you will be gathered in one place to start our journey together with an experience captain to Mnemba Island where we can anchor and start doing our wonderful snorkeling while enjoying a colorful skull of fish. Around lunch time we will head to Matemwe beach for lunch, which accumulate mostly a combination of sea foods including lobsters, shrimps, calamari, fish, octopus, and others. After lunch we will start sailing back to Nungwi beach the journey that will take about an hour to reach the Nugwi beach.




  • Dolphin Swimming Experience.
  • Mixing of Sea foods

If you are planning a trip to Zanzibar, you should not miss this wonderful experience to swim with this amicable and playful creature.   The Dolphin tour takes place in the southern part of Island in the village of Kizimkazi. In fact, this is perfect place for dolphin watching in Zanzibar and its well known around the world. Here you can see both Bottle-nosed Dolphin and Humpback Dolphin. All can easily be seen while sail on the boat from the village.




  • Red colobus Monkey
  • Flora and fauna of Zanzibar
  • Mangrove swamps and mangrove forest.

Jozani forest is the only national park you in Zanzibar Island and located in Jozani-Chwaka Bay National park, 38km south east stone town. The forest is a great place to encounter many indigenous Flora and Fauna including Zanzibari Red Colobus Monkey, Blue Sykes Monkeys, Bush Pigs, Aders’s Duiker, Elephant shrews, Chameleons, and more that four hundreds bird’s species and five hundreds species of butterflies.  Jozani has an excellent nature trails and the guides are well trained to accommodate client properly and at informative way. A walking tour through this impressive flora and fauna is one of the best experience Zanzibar has to offer. At Jozani you will visit mangrove swamp and walk around mangrove forest. We can organize this tour in combination to any other activities such as Zanzibar spice tour or Dolphin tour.




  • Old buildings of Stone town
  • Mixing culture of Swahili Arabs, Indian and European.

The Stone Town also known as Mji Mkongwe is the old part of the main city of Zanzibar Island and is located on the western coast of Unguja, the main island of the Zanzibar Archipelago.  Former capital of the Zanzibar Sultanate and flourishing center to the spice trade as well as slave trade in the 19th century.

Stone Town is a city of prominent historical and artistic importance in East Africa. The building architecture mostly dated back to the 19th century, reflects the diverse influence underlaying the Swahili culture, giving unique mixtures of Arab, Persian, Indian, and European element and for this reason the town is designed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2000. It is very worth to spend your one or two of your first night at stone town to learn all its culture and history.




  • Giant tortoises
  • Old prison building

Prison Island gets its name from the prison which was built on it in 1893. It was never actually used as a prison but rather as a quarantine hospital. After a 30min boat ride with a beautiful view of Stone Town’s skyline, guests will meet the contemporary inhabitants of the island and the giant tortoises which were banned from the city of Stone Town which are more than 200 years old. We offer Prison Island as a half day tour that can be combined with a tour of Stone Town: Prisoners of Stone Town.




  • Experience Tumbatu people
  • Traditional Dhow sailing

Tumbatu is one of Zanzibar’s best kept secrets as the vast majority is forbidden from setting foot on the island. To enter the island, you need special permission from the elders of the Tumbatu community. Although this is the island where, in the 11th century, the Shiraz built the first stone building in the entire Zanzibar Archipelago, you won’t find cars or scooters as there is only one road to walk on throughout the whole island. On this full day tour, leaving from Mkokotoni by boat, guests will visit the school of Jongowe and the house of a fisherman’s family. Our guests will also be told about the daily life and the secrets of Tumbatu – as they are also famous for witchcraft.



Visit the Seaweed Center to learn about Seaweed farming which is the second biggest industry on the island. Located in Paje, this social enterprise creates opportunities for female seaweed farmers to improve their standard of living and engage in economic development activities that benefit the whole community. Depending on the tide it is possible to see how the women harvest their seaweed. Our guests will visit the processing center and factory located in the village. Here they’ll get the rare opportunity to see how the seaweed gets transformed into desirable beauty products like organic soaps and essential oils. We offer this experience as a half day tour or as full day tour combined with the Jozani Forest and Butterfly Center (Zanzibar’s nature and community).




  • Sunset with beautiful view

This 2 hour boat trip can either start from the Northern Coast of the Island, to watch the world famous sunset of Zanzibar’s North Coast or it can start from Stone Town where guests can enjoy the best view of the capital from the water.  Snacks and drinks are provided on the traditional wooden dhow and if the wind allows the crew will sail like the traditional fishing boats while you listen to traditional Zanzibar music

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